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Sorbonne Université - Campus Pierre et Marie Curie
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EcoNet project

The webpage for the EcoNet project can be found here.

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  1. Vincent Miele, Catherine Matias, Marc Ohlmann, Giovanni Poggiato, Stéphane Dray, Wilfried Thuiller, Quantifying the overall effect of biotic interactions on species communities along environmental gradients. Soumis, 2021 Hal preprint.

Publications in journals
  1. Suzana de Siqueira Santos, André Fujita & Catherine Matias, Spectral density of random graphs: convergence properties and application in model fitting. Journal of Complex Networks, 9(6),pagesXXX, 2021. Hal preprint, Journal link.
  2. Christophe Botella, Stéphane Dray, Catherine Matias, Vincent Miele & Wilfried Thuiller, An appraisal of graph embeddings for comparing trophic network architectures.Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 13(1), 203-216, 2022. Journal link, Hal preprint.
  3. Estelle Kuhn, Catherine Matias & Tabea Rebafka, Properties of the Stochastic Approximation EM Algorithm with Mini-batch Sampling, Statistics and Computing, 30, 1725-1739, 2020. Journal link, Hal preprint
  4. Gautreau, Bazin, Gachet, Planel, Burlot, Dubois, Perrin, Médigue, Calteau, Cruveiller, Matias, Ambroise, Rocha, Vallenet, PPanGGOLiN: depicting microbial species diversity via a Partitioned Pangenome Graph, Plos Computational Biology, 16(3): e1007732, 2020. Journal link, PPanGGOLiN Software.
  5. Léa Longepierre & Catherine Matias, Consistency of the maximum likelihood and variational estimators in a dynamic stochastic block model. Electronic Journal of Statistics, 13(2):4157-4223, 2019. Journal link, HAL preprint.
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  7. Catherine Matias, Tabea Rebafka & Fanny Villers, A semiparametric extension of the stochastic block model for longitudinal networks. Biometrika, 105(3): 665-680, 2018. Journal link, Take a look at the Supplementary material (contains an important generalisation of the model), HAL preprint, R code with datasets analyses, R package ppsbm.
  8. Laura Urbini, Blerina Sinaimeri, Catherine Matias & Marie-France Sagot, Exploring the Robustness of the Parsimonious Reconciliation Method in Host-Symbiont Cophylogeny. IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, 16(3), 738-748, 2019. Journal link, Hal preprint.
    NB: This is an extended version of that conference paper.
  9. Ana Arribas-Gil & Catherine Matias, A time warping approach to multiple sequence alignment. Statistical Applications in Genetics and Molecular Biology, 16(2): 133-144, 2017. Journal link, Hal preprint. Codes available on request.
  10. 25bis.   Vincent Miele & Catherine Matias, Revealing the hidden structure of dynamic ecological networks. Royal Society Open Science, 4:170251, 2017. Journal link. NB: This is a popularization version of the previous work (Ref 25).
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